Caledonia Expedition: Introduction

Here is a photograph from a recent near week-long expedition to the Scottish Highlands, the aim of which was to film and photograph Caledonian Pine Forest.

It is suggested that Scotland’s Caledonian Pine Forests are relicts of the indigenous forests that colonized the British Isles approximately 10, 000 years ago, after the glaciers retreated at the end of the last ice age. Once covering over 1.5 million hectares of the Scottish Highlands, now only 1% of this original Caledonian Pine Forest remains.

Caledonian Pine Forest

ABOVE: A fallen, twisted old scots pine in the Caledonian Pine Forest.

   Caledonian Pine Forests are dominated by Scots Pine, with occasional birch, willow, alder, hazel, oak and holly trees. The field layer consist of heather, blaeberry and cowberry, whilst various grasses and bryophytes comprise the ground flora, which can also include rare species such as twinflower.

This unique habitat supports a variety of characteristic species…

Upcoming: red squirrels, pine martens, badgers, beetles and more!