Woodland Spider


This spider had constructed its web amongst the young bright green leaves and twisting, stretching stalk of a rapidly expanding bramble on the woodland floor. The silk was strung delicately between the protective tangle of the brambles sharp green spines, which it uses to grip onto any surfaces it can find on the woodland floor.

This spider wasn’t the only occupant of the bramble, either. Along its length, and in the surrounding grass, numerous webs withstood the cool breeze, their thin, shiny strands of silk buffeted gently as the plants to which they were attached waved around in the slightest wind. Their various inhabitants, with a diverse range of markings, patterns and colours were busy scuttling in and out of sight, up and down stems, in amongst the leaves, most likely all attracted to the bramble plant for the same reason.

In July and August its pretty pink and white flowers appear, attracting an abundance of insects on which the spiders might feed. As well as its flowers attracting insects looking for food, the brambles blackberries, which appear following the flowers, support a variety of mammals and birds, some of which also use the plant as a nest site.