Spring Sunshine

Cow Parsley

In the evening in Spring the clear water of the river reflects soft golden sunlight onto the trees that overhang the banks, sending glowing lines of light rippling across the bark and leaves.

On the surface of the slow moving water beneath these gently illuminated trees, which extend their branches out, over a sheltered curve in the river bank, there was a female mallard with several cute fluffy yellow and brown ducklings. Every so often one would leap almost completely out of the water, snapping its beak at the abundant midges that were swarming above the surface. Swaying in the warm breeze on the banks above the ducklings were bright rich yellow buttercups, which are just one of the plentiful different varieties of wildflowers that are colouring the rivers banks at the moment.

Where usually the ground along the river bank is sandy and slightly grassy, thick vivid green vegetation has overtaken, scattered with flecks of colour from the beautiful wildflowers that are growing amongst it, including wild garlic, buttercups,  red campion, forget-me-nots, bluebells, and the tiny delicate white flowers of the cow parsley plant as in the photograph above.