Amongst the Nettles


This beautiful, tiny beetle was exploring a patch of nettles in the shade beneath some young beech trees by the river. The dappled sunlight that was coming through the leaves as they were blown gently about by the cool breeze danced every so often across the nettle leaf that the beetle was carefully navigating, emphasizing its wonderful, shiny metallic colours as it did so.

The tiny beetle was one of many other insects that were to be found amongst the nettles, forget-me-nots and dandelions lining the river. There were huge bees weighed down with the pollen they were busy collecting, hoverflies buzzing between the splayed yellow petals of the abundant dandelions that scattered the grass, and orange tip butterflies wandering through the air, skimming just above the flowers and grasses.

Swooping above the slow moving water of the river were sand martins, while oystercatchers and Canada geese sat on the pebbly banks and a family of mallards, with several bewildered looking fluffy yellow ducklings, journeyed downstream, past the trees beneath which the beetle was exploring the nettles, and in which I glimpsed my first ever garden warbler, singing loudly alongside the chaffinches. Hidden from sight by the fresh bright green leaves on the trees were many other small birds, their presence revealed by their various lovely calls and songs.

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